About us

The successes we have endured are due to the way in which we operate in todays global market. We break fundamentals down to the smallest facet possible allowing us to analyse global macroeconomic sectors with tooth combe precision. At Fomax Capital we pride ourselves on being the world’s best fund in terms of customer service. Our unique approach enforces our belief that all of our clients are viewed as individuals with their own specific investment goals. Understanding our clients enables us to tailor their service to maximise their aims.

How we Operate

Fomax Capital are proud to boast one of the most technological advanced intraday algorithms in the world. As a pioneer in the algorithmic trading sector we have been at the fore constantly adapting when the wind changes in the financial world.

In addition to our algorithmic trading division we also employ a number of analysts and human traders for our long term value & commodity fund. This additional fund allows us to tailor services and products to suit our clients risk profile.

For information on services not listed please contact info@fomaxcapital.com