Trading is at the forefront of what we do as a business, we constantly strive to improve our trading strategy and systems and keep ourselves fully informed to new market trends and movements.

It is essential when trading to have risk management systems in place, we only risk a percentage of our clients capital on any one asset whilst the rest is kept secure in safe havens such as bonds or currencies such as the Swiss Franc.

Our algorithmic trading systems have been developed over many years; these include high frequency (HFT), intraday and swing algorithms. The problem with trading on a short time frame is understanding the psychology of the market and what makes it move. As of yet we as humans as ironic as it sounds are not as good as computers at understanding the basic concept of emotions in the financial markets.

Whilst algorithms are certainly the rulers of the shorter time period over a longer time frame it is humans and our ability to analyse stocks that enable us to consistently profit. We use a variety of discounted cash flow models to project an equities long term value and place trades be they long or short accordingly.

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